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My wife at 40 is dressed like our daughter. Sometimes it seems to me that I have two teenage daughters. She tells me that I am an old grouse, I don’t understand modern fashion. And I am terribly embarrassed and uncomfortable next to her.

Benjamin, 42 years old,

When a woman appears next to a 42-year-old man, markedly different from him in style of clothing, behavior, it may seem to him that they are not suitable for each other, that they are not a couple, as they say among the people. As if he, the same, is already inappropriate, unloved, he is rejected and thrown. He asks himself: whether we are still partners? Are we together?

The feeling of abandonment is strengthened by the fact that the wife and daughter, dressing the same way, as if they were “friends against you”, Benjamin, they are fine together without a third extra. And you remain alone. This questions the very meaning of the existence of a couple and interaction in it. Therefore, you stopped going to visit, theater or somewhere else.

I would suggest talking to my wife. But not about the fact that she does not look like that. And that you are lonely, you need it as a person who fills your existence with a meaning. There is another: it seems that she has her own needs that she realizes in such an extravagant way. Perhaps it is difficult for her to accept age -related changes in herself. And for some reason, it is much more important for her to maintain closer contact with her daughter, and not with her husband.

I admit that she is experiencing a crisis of motherhood – her daughter will soon sparkle out of the nest, and therefore all the means are good now, you can even get into childhood


for a while, just not to part with her. Here it would be worth not to swear, but to find out the reason. If you manage to talk about the main thing, and not about the fact that on the surface, then there are great chances that you will figure out the difficult period in the marriage.

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